Friday, October 23, 2009

Princess Monster Contest

So I have debated on naming these little beauties in my product lineup and after a friend also suggested that I name them, I have decided to have a contest. The winner for each doll name will be able to choose a Princess Monster product of choice (doll, hat, or set of hairclips) or can substitute anything else that they have seen on my blog of equal or lesser value. I will take submissions until November 6th so you have 2 weeks. Please email them to and put NAME CONTEST in the subject box. Good luck and pass this on to anyone else who might be interested!


Kristin said...

My daughter and I came up with some names: pink one = Monsteree (monster-ee), blue one = Scareia (scare-ee-ah), purple one = Spookerella.

Rachael came up with the first two, I helped with "Spookerella."

They are adorable!

Kathe said...

Princess Monster name ideas from the boys. . .

for 3-eyes: "Three-eyed Silly Pea" or just "Silly Pea" (Samuel, 6)

for 2-eyes: "Regular Person in the Head" (Samuel), "Double-Eye No-Nose" (Joey, 4)

Kathe said...

Princess Monster name ideas from me. . .

for 3-eyes: "Trillian"
for 2-eyes: "Pippi"
for 1-eye: "Quagmire"