Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Halloween Party Favor Bags

These are a Just Jennys original! They each hold about 1/4 cup of skittles or M&M's. I will be selling them in sets of 3 for $4, 6 for $8 and 12 for $15. Please specify if you want a variety or all the same. I can mix and match your set. I will also sell the pattern for $5.
Stay tuned for larger versions for trick or treating!


Carmen Grayson said...

Hi Jenny! how are you?

Those are beautiful bags for halloween! can I buy the pattern from you? it is $5 let me know.

Carmen (from Seneca ward)

Julie P said...

Ummm I so need some of these to give away at Halloween time! I will be emailing!!!!

Please say you have some Christmas ideas for the same style of little bag!! It would be sooo cute and I would so order a bunch to give as gifts for coworkers!!

betty said...

way to go lady! you have cute stuff! (but you're way too cheap!) do you work on commission? i'm interested in some hats if you do... (it's cold here in the frozen north!)
miss you!!
~sarah kargol